Wednesday February 21, 2018    

Custom Fly Tying Kit

Category: Tying Kits
Item Number: CustFlyTieKit
Description: Build your own tying kit AND receive 10% off/discount plus free shipping on kits totaling $50.00 or more! From $19.95-$234.20

We have made it easy for you to build your tying kit as to match the tiers skill level.

Choose a vise:
• Terra SUPER AA Vise
• Griffin Odyssey Spider Vise
• Renzetti Apprentice Vise
• PEAK Rotary Vise with Pedestal Base

Add fly tying material of your choice. These include fly ting instructions to tie multiple patters:
• Saltwater
• Trout
• Bass/Panfish

Add a material/tool bag to keep everything in one place and organized.

Add a set of tools to this kit:
• Hareline Bodkin
• Griffin Whip Finisher
• MFC Arrowhead - Scissors 3.5" Straight
• Hareline Bobbin
• Umpqua Hackle Pliers

Add a LED FLy Tying light.
Available Options:
Fly Tying Light:
Fly Tying Tool Kit:
Material/Tool Bag:
Tying Material:
*Flies sold in multiples of 3 only
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