Wednesday February 21, 2018    

Deluxe Bass/Panfish Fly Tying Kit

Category: Tying Kits
Item Number: Deluxe-Fly Tyin
Description: Everything you need to start tying Bass/Panfish Flies

This kit includes:

Tying Instructions for multiple patterns. Bass/Panfish Fly Tying Materials Poppers, Hooks, Marabou, Crystal Mirror Flash, Antron Chenille, Oval Wiggle Eyes, Bucktail, Strip Foam, "Body Fur", Deer Fur, Dnya Floss, Cactus Chenille, Weed Guard, 210 Fly Tying Thread, Neck Hackle & Assorted Hooks

Umpqua/Metz Fly Tying Tools:

• Vise
• Hair Stacker
• Bobbin
• Hackle Pliers
• Scissors
• Whip Finisher
• Bodkin/Half Hitch Tool
*Flies sold in multiples of 3 only
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