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Dream Drift Flies brings Quality, Innovation, and Selection to fly-fishing without fly shop prices. Dream Drift Flies gives fly fishers the selection of flies and materials/tools they deserve at a one stop shop. Dream Drift Flies is the only company to offer you the full inventory of the Montana Fly Company where Quality and Innovation truly are second to none, and the selection (new and the standards) is only a click away.

Montana Fly Company (MFC) is a wholesale only company that is regarded by many as the most Innovative and Progressive fly tying company in the world, offering more than 1,400 different fly patterns as well as their own hooks, materials, and tying equipment. Dream Drift Flies is honored to be the only company to bring to you ALL of the MFC products, and allow you to choose exactly what you want, when you need it. Too many times local fly shops are out of, or don't carry what you really need, or only carry seasonal flies to your area. What if you want to travel and fish other waters? Then you need to rely on another fly shop to carry what you want and need.

Now, you can order ahead of time and have the full selection. Dream Drift Flies carries the entire stock and gives you choices. Local fly shops in many areas don't carry too many flies because of the cost of inventory, but as a consumer, you want to choose from the entire stock. We bring you the convenience of shopping from home, but most importantly, you can choose from the entire inventory, and without paying the fly shop prices. Take a look at all the different flies, different sizes, and the materials and tools. Our goal is to provide the ultimate flies and materials to make your fishing time the most productive and enjoyable possible.

Dream Drift Flies doesn't buy into that “the worst day fishing is better than the best day at work” notion. Dream Drift Flies wants you to have great days of fishing everyday, measured by the number of fish caught. When I was guiding, I wish there was a web site to buy the flies that I needed, so that I didn't have to stay up those late nights tying my own.

We believe that there are two kinds of people who go fishing. Some that like to fish, and some that like to catch fish. If you are the latter, then Dream Drift flies is your company. Luck is ... when opportunity meets knowledge and being prepared. We have the knowledge of the flies that work and so can you. Going prepared is the key to your success. Prepare with Dream Drift Flies.

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