Aquaz™ ROGUE Chest Bootfit Wader - Felt Sole

Aquaz™ ROGUE Chest Bootfit Wader - Felt Sole

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SKU: BR-J-200F-V02

The perfect lightweight wader for the backpacking angler.
BOOTFOOT WADER VERSION OF NEW ROGUE CHEST WADER / Using premium BOGS insluated boots - Felt Sole
• Front chest pocket with water-repellent zipper
• 2mm AirMesh and 5mm NeoTech rubber insulated boots by BOGS
• Anatomically shaped legs with seams located on outside to eliminate seam wear
• Highest quality proprietary Japanese Breathable fabrics
• Adjustable waist belt with 1 1/2” buckle
• Adjustable elastic shoulder suspenders
• Available felt sole and rubber sole
• Sold in limited quantity
• Fabric : Three-layer Aqualex® Pro™ MADE IN JAPAN

Product availability is subject to Aquaz™ inventory.

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