Fluorocarbon Tapered Leader - 2 pack

Fluorocarbon Tapered Leader - 2 pack

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SKU: SA Fluorocarbon

Constructed of a UV-proof material with high abrasion resistance, these leaders are great for wary fish, low-water conditions, and truly excel when nymphing. As an added bonus, they’re also great for dry-fly fishing. They feature the highest wet knot strengths in the industry and true-to-spec X sizes,

•2 Leaders Per Package
•Length: 9’
•Lowest visibility available
•Optimal abrasion resistance •Refractive index simulates that of water, resulting in ultra-low visibility to fish
•UV rays have no effect on strength of material, even after prolonged exposure to sun

Available Size / Break Strength:
0X / 10.6lb
1X / 8.7lb
2X / 7.6lb
3X / 5.6lb
4X / 4.4lb
5X / 3.2lb
6X / 2.1lb