Tropical Outbound Short - Saltwater

Tropical Outbound Short - Saltwater

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SKU: 6-218 & 6-209

Ultra powerful, easy casting line built for exceptionally long casts.
RIO's Tropical OutBound Short series of lines are designed for fishing in hot climates. A short, aggressive front taper easily casts large and weighted flies very long distances, while the powerful head design loads rods deeply and efficiently for effortless casts. A range of densities make this a very versatile line series. Each line features RIO's XS technology for super slick performance, and is built with a hard, tropical coating that ensures the line does not wilt in the heat.
The three densities available are: 1) A full floating line (F), 2) A floating line with a 30 ft intermediate head (clear and then blue)(F/I), and 3) A floating line with a 15ft clear intermediate tip (F/I)
-Front loaded to cast large flies with ease.
-Designed for easy distance.
-XS Technology for a super slick coating.
-Welded loops for fast rigging.
Front Welded Loop
Back Welded Loop

Available in:
WF8F-WF12F Dark Olive/Ivory
WF8F/I-WF12F/I Clear Tip/Blue/Ivory

WF8F/I-WF12F/I Clear Tip/Sand/Sea Grass