Two-Handed TC Textured Spey Tips - Sink 1/2

Two-Handed TC Textured Spey Tips - Sink 1/2

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Tapered, Textured, Multi-Density Spey Tips

The TC Tip system is a revolutionary approach to Spey tips, as they’re the industry’s first truly tapered, fully textured, double-density sinking tips. Available in a multitude of densities to get the fly just where you need it.

• The world’s first tapered, textured multi-density Spey tips
• Mastery Texturing reduces friction, allowing for easier pick-ups of sinking tips
• Tapered design aids in turning over flies at any distance
• Sink Rates:
Int./Sink 2 = 1.25/2.0 ips
• Suited for two-hand and switch rods

Color: Surf/Green