Wavelength Nymph/Indicator - WF6F

Wavelength Nymph/Indicator - WF6F

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Extra-Strength Turnover

When fishing with nymphs, the most important thing is staying in control. The Wavelength Nymph/Indicator line will put you in the driver’s seat. Built with a long rear taper for excellent mending and a powerful front taper for turning over large nymph rigs, the Nymph/Indicator taper is a roll caster’s dream.

• High-floating orange tip
• Powerful front taper for turning over heavy weight and air-resistant indicators
• Mastery Texturing reduces friction, providing longer casts, higher flotation, and increased durability
• Great for mending and roll-casting
• Overweighted to assist in loading fast-action rods and turning over large rigs
• Braided multifilament core

Color: Willow/Orange Tip