Wavelength Tarpon

Wavelength Tarpon

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For Targeting Tarpon on the Flats

There is absolutely nothing in fly fishing quite like seeing a tarpon inhale your fly, leap toward the heavens, and race like a madman for the horizon. In order to make that happen, you’ll need help: the Wavelength Tarpon fly line. Designed with a stealthy color scheme, this is the perfect line for casting flies to tarpon of all shapes, sizes, and temperaments.

• Designed specifically for presenting flies to laid-up or moving tarpon
• Smooth casting, with a delicate delivery and tangle-free design
• Short head for quick rod loading
• Stealthy color scheme for wary fish
• Mastery Textured surface improves flotation, reduces drag on line pick-up, and sheds water on back cast
• High-strength core to fight large fish
• Tropi-Core™ technology for tropical climates

Color: Conch Tan/Sunrise